The first time people were labeled ‘nozems’ was in the 1950s. It described the rebellious youth culture inspired by rock & roll. Dutch youth found an identity through motorbikes, music, cigarettes and creativity. And they were seen as problems. 
There’s a difference, however, between problems (as “they” see it) and challenges (as “we” see it). NOZUM sees ramps in thresholds, and wants to provide ramps to creatives that like challenges.
We believe the youth of today doesn’t differ much from the youth of the nozem-era. There’s a culture in which the youth wants to express themselves more than ever. They are innovative, expressive and ambitious, and they have many talents that are not always being used to fruition. 
That is why NOZUM was born. NOZUM is a brand and creative platform that supports upcoming talent and helps them to achieve their goals and develop a sustainable career. 
We host events for which different creatives are selected and linked with others, to collaborate with - and learn from - each other. Every event revolves around different principles like fashion, music, film, photography and art in general. Creating a space for this generation in which different creatives come together and inspire each other. 
We link talent to each other, but also to brands, institutions and bigger names in the creative world. We believe that big companies and established names can learn from the youth. But more importantly, we want to provide a space in which creatives and companies can learn from each other. The youth is the future, and even though these generations are characterised by individualism, their individualism unites them as one collective of creative people. We support young artists to get to a bigger stage, and we help established names to reach these younger generations. Because we don’t see them as problems. We see challenges.